Commerce Server – Cart not persisting

So I was trying to get add the ‘add to cart’ functionality to my website. Basically I would get the cart, then create a cart line based on the product and add that to the cart object:

var cartLine = new CommerceCartLine(product[CommerceConstants.KnownFieldIds.CatalogName], product.Name, null, quantity); // null because I don't currently support variants.
var cart = GetCart();
var request = new AddCartLinesRequest(cart, new[] { cartLine });

And while I was stepping through the code I could see the cart being updated. The only problem was after a reload (or after adding another product to the cart) the cart would be empty again.

At first I thought the problem was my code, but no matter what I changed, it didn’t seem to get any better. I figured I’d better check the Commerce Server Customer and Order Manager tool to find out what was happening to my baskets, and it was there that I found the issue. It turns out that by default the Customer and Order Manager wants to have the Profiles webservice and the Orders webservice to run in https mode. As I was working on my local development environment that wasn’t really much of an option, so I had to figure something else out. Luckily I found a blog post on MSDN which explains what to do.

In short: There’s a CustomerAndOrdersManager.exe.config file, in the install directory of Commerce Server (by default C:\Program Files (x86)\Commerce Server 11\Business User Applications) . In the <applicationSettings> you’ll be able to find the setting “AllowHTTP” which is set to False by default. Set it to True, recycle the app pool and you’re in business!

<setting name="AllowHTTP" serializeAs="String">


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