Quick tip: Sitecore Security packages

If you ever want to move Sitecore items over to different environments the easiest way to do this is to create a Sitecore package. This is no different for Sitecore Users and Sitecore Roles. After opening the Package Designer, click the ‘Security Accounts’ button in the ribbon.

The package designer screen

Using the pop-up, you’ll be able to view which roles/ users you have in your package, or add/ remove them using the buttons. Clicking the Add button will pop up another window, which allows you to select your users and roles.

Adding roles and users

After you’ve created your package you can install this on your other environment, using the Package Installer. If the users or roles already exist you’ll get a message that Sitecore will skip the installation of that user or role.

Roles are now all ready for use. Users however need two additional steps to be active:

Firstly, they need to be activated.

Sitecore User Manager showing disabled users

As you can see, in the Locked column, they’ll show up as Disabled. To enable the users the Enable button in the ribbon can be used.

Secondly, the users need their password to be reset. Do this using the Change Password button.

The Reset Password popup

Clicking ‘Generate’ will randomly create a new password, which you can then select and copy to the Old Password field. Fill in the new password, and you’ll be ready to go!


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