SlowCheetah and Sitecore

At my current project we have a lot of different config files. We have multiple:

–        web.config
–        app_config\connectionstrings.config
–        app_config\app_settings.config
–        app_config\include\project.config

We’ve set this up with SlowCheetahwhich is an awesome tool to easily transform config files based on the build we have selected.

When I first installed it, I happily added all my transforms to the files above, and I built. My Visual Studio AfterBuild step copies and pastes all my stuff across to my installed Sitecore instance, and I browsed to it. That’s when I got the following error:


Turns out, in my eagerness to deploy this, I forgot I actually copied ALL config files across to my local path, not just the one I’m building for. It seems that Sitecore does not like having multiple files like that in the Include folder. When I deleted those files, it was fixed.

After that, I removed the transforms from the AfterBuild step and now it’s happily building away. 


2 thoughts on “SlowCheetah and Sitecore

  1. I started using SlowCheetah but when I needed environment specific config files in the App_config\include folder it just didn’t work as Sitecore would try to import all of the config files. I am just finalising the solution that I adopted in the end and will post it once I have finished it.

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