Page Editor explorations

I read this StackOverflow question, and that made me wonder where the field buttons actually come from. I’d never looked into this before, so here goes.

The summary of the question is:

Can we disable the buttons on fields in Sitecore’s Page Editor, not only based on some field on some item, but also based on which field we have?

The buttons are added in the <getChromeData> pipeline. My initial answer to the question was that one could override the Process method in the GetFieldChromeData class, but that struck me as a little extreme. Especially because it’s a Sitecore processor, so if the Sitecore code gets upgraded, the override has to be changed as well.

So then I figured one could add a processor to the pipeline. I added:

<processor type=TestApplication.RemoveButtons, TestApplication/>

Directly after:

<processor type=Sitecore.Pipelines.GetChromeData.GetFieldChromeData, Sitecore.Kernel/>

My RemoveButtons class looks like this:

public class RemoveButtons : GetChromeDataProcessor
    public override void Process(GetChromeDataArgs args)
Assert.ArgumentNotNull(args, “args”);
Assert.IsNotNull(args.ChromeData, “Chrome Data”);

        if (“field”.Equals(args.ChromeType, StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase))
Field argument = args.CustomData[“field”] asField;
Assert.ArgumentNotNull(argument, “CustomData[\”{0}\”]”.FormatWith(new object[] { “field” }));

            if (argument.Name == “Title” && MainUtil.GetBool(argument.Item[“NeedsToBeCheckedToPersonalize”], false))
args.ChromeData.Commands.RemoveAll(delegate(WebEditButton b)
return b.Header == “Personalize”;

First I’m checking whether it’s a field or placeholder or rendering. After that, I instantiate the field from the CustomData. Then, if the current field is the Title field and the checkbox NeedsToBeCheckedToPersonalize (which is, just to be clear, a random checkbox I added) is ticked, remove all buttons that are Personalize.

The result for the Title field:


And my subtitle field:


The two fields are on the same item, and of the same type (both are single-line text).


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