Changing icons for insert options

Since my StackOverflow answer for that question seemed to be very popular, I figured I’d dedicate a blog post to the topic. 
The question basically boils down to “How can I change the icons for the insert options?”.


Instead of the default images for the sublayout  and renderings when inserting a new component we’d like to see something more descriptive. This way it makes it a bit easier on content editors when they’re looking for a control in a long list – even if the name doesn’t make a lot of sense to them.

So what we can do is go to the sublayout or rendering, find the Appearance  section and select the Thumbnail image.


‘Take screenshot’ opens a new window in which we can tell Sitecore to either use an item to browse to by selecting the item and the device or put in a URL. Sitecore then shoots off a request to the selected item, and renders it in the new window.


Then, after selecting the proper area of the website, click OK. This is now selected as the image (which you can preview on the right-hand side).

Of course, if you already have images in your media library which you’d like to use, you can just select it using the Browse button. If the size isn’t correct, it’ll shrink/ stretch the image.

When we now try and insert a new component we get the following:


Way better, I think.

Those screenshots will be saved in the Media Library, under the System node, then folders for the first 4 characters of it’s GUID:



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